ABSOLUT "Drinks" campaign was created to bring a new generation of
creative collaborators together to interpret ABSOLUT inspired cocktails
in a highly visualized experience.

What better way to launch the campaign than with a music video that
involves cocktails, EDM, and racing robotic greyhounds remotely controlled
by a trio of DJ's, spurred on by a cast of characters that make Lady Gaga
look casual. Who wouldn't want to be part of that? And having 100 million
plus views on YouTube doesn't suck either.

Transformed dozens of bus shelters in Chicago into an immersive and stylish
cocktail experience to enjoy while they waited.

Plus, an extensive nation-wide OOH, station dominations, and train/bus wraps
to engulf you in the experience.

Limited edition city-inspired flavors that capture the uniqueness of each city
that included a bottle design, a wall mural, and a 100 ft bottle installation.

Visually striking and bold ads showcased the real fruit flavor inherent in all of
ABSOLUT flavored vodkas. A huge jet stream plexiglass contraption was built
to capture the rainbow of colors.

One vodka that can create a perfectly mixed drink, it would be Absolut.