Jinspiration entry: 06/13/23

Now that COVID is over for now, this is appropriate given the array of emotions
we went through the last couple of years.

Jinspiration entry: 08/10/21

Saw this car around Ktown, NYC. I guess Mr. Kim had enough of people jumping in
the backseat. If he knew that black Hyundai's were synomomous with uber rides,
he would've gotten something else.

Jinspiration entry: 05/16/21

I visited the oldest tree in North America - the Alley Pond Giant. It's a 133-foot-tall tulip poplar
tree with an estimated age of 350 years. Even George Washington marveled at it. The best
part is that it's not in some forest somewhere but right next to the I495 in Queens, NY.

Jinspiration entry: 04/29/21

This is a healing grid. If you stare at the center, the irregularities start to heal themselves
because your brain strongly prefers to see regular patterns.

Jinspiration entry: 03/23/21

A small muscle that contracts only when lifting the pinky. And of course,
Michelangelo's Moses includes this kind of detail in his sculpture. Amazing!

Jinspiration entry: 03/16/21

This 1972 Nissan Datsun 240Z looks like a 2021 limited edition - timeless and gorgeous.

Jinspiration entry: 02/08/21

It blows my mind every time I come across this image, how infinitesimally small we are in the universe.

Jinspiration entry: 02/03/21

This forest noise amplifier is pretty awesome but not very portable.

Jinspiration entry: 01/06/21

This Chinese village made a QR code form 13,000 trees which can be scanned
by passing planes. The code takes you to it's tourism page. Probably not enough
trees to solve their pollution problem unfortunately.

Jinspiration entry: 01/02/21

I commissioned this oil painting to my daughter for my birthday. It's a
giant Atlantic blue-fin tuna that I used to catch off the coast of Glouster, MA.